Acid Washing/Restoration

Is your pool a complete disaster?

Is the pool badly stained and need a facelift?

Does it look like this pool below?

If so, The Pool Centre Sydney has the solutions for you!
The Pool Centre Sydney can bring any pool back to life and provide you and your family with the pleasure of using and enjoying your pool again!

Whether your pool needs to be drained, cleaned out and acid washed, pressure washed and refilled will be determined by our fully trained and experienced technicians and a quotation provided.

Perhaps this can be avoided with a brush down, chemical treatment & vacuum and clean to waste. Whatever your pool needs, The Pool Centre Sydney has the complete solutions and experience to solve all your pool problems.

And remember, water is not as costly as you might expect! Draining a pool is often the best method when the water quality is really poor anyway!

Please call The Pool Centre Sydney office for further details and speak to our trained professional staff on 02 9905 1397.

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