Casual & Holiday Pool Cleaning Services

In addition to The Pool Centre Sydney's regular pool maintenance services, we can also provide Non-Regular or Casual Pool Cleaning. The Pool Centre Sydney has technicians who are able to clean up any pool irrespective of its condition. Whether it is suffering from neglect or you simply need the pool tidied up for a weekend party, The Pool Centre Sydney's service staff can clean your pool or spa promptly and professionally.

Servicing of pool equipment and chemical testing & balancing will also be undertaken at the same time to enhance your Clean Pool experience and ensure it stays that way for as long as possible. Of course for total peace of mind a Regular Pool Maintenance will ensure your pool stays clean at all times and at a reduced rate too!  

Our non-standard service charges are as follows:

Service call rate
$86.50* (includes first 1/2 hour)

Labour per addtional ¼ hour

*plus chemicals and parts as required. These prices may be subject to change and are based on a standard size pool and standard complexity of equipment.

Out of area services may attract a small supplemental fee in addition to the above charges. Just ask The Pool Centre's friendly and knowledgeable staff at the time of booking.

Please call The Pool Centre Sydney office for further details and speak to our trained professional staff on 02 9905 1397.

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