Pool Covers & Rollers

The Pool Centre Sydney can measure up and provide a free on site consultation and quotation on a new Solar Pool Blanket & Roller or Winterkleen leaf cover.

The addition of a Solar Blanket will not only extend the swimming season of your pool but will save you money by significantly reducing water & chemical loss through evaporation. They also help to control the surrounding vegetation from entering the pool.

For more effective vegetation control a Winterkleen Blanket is the answer! These keep the leaves and branches out and will also keep any animals out of your pool.

Many of our clients have benefited from our vast experience in Pool & Spa Blanket Options. See our products pages for the full range of Pool Blankets that The Pool Centre Sydney will supply and install for you.

Please call The Pool Centre Sydney office for further details and speak to our trained professional staff on 02 9905 1397.

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