Pool Equipment Fault Diagnosis

The Pool Centre Sydney has vast knowledge of Pool & Spa Systems of every kind and as such can diagnose any problem you may be having with your Pool or Spa Equipment. Whether you have a pump, filter or chlorinator issue, The Pool Centre Sydney will quickly determine the cause of the problem and undertake repairs or provide a repair quotation for you.

Our site service charges are as follows:-

Service call rate

Labour per ¼ hour

*plus parts as required. Prices may be subject to change.

In some instances we may need to remove equipment such as pumps or cleaners for further inspection. If our service technicians are unable to provide the necessary services we will organise a referral. We do not hire subcontractors for any work.

Please call The Pool Centre Sydney office for further details and speak to our trained professional staff on 02 9905 1397.

Email enquiries welcome on